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Who We Are

Millennials who eat, sleep and breathe Social Media

The largest customer base for most industries today comprises millennials - people born between 1981 and 1996. This group of people, and those born after, often referred to as Gen Z, interact differently. To be able to influence their decisions, your marketing efforts need to talk their language in channels frequented by them and offer propositions that are customized to their unique perspective.

Image by Annie Spratt

Made 4 Social was founded to address this need and was founded by millennials with a deep understanding of the current social landscape. Immersed in digital culture from a very young age and trained in the corporate world, our specialists use their skills and experience to help you reach and engage with your target audience, the right way. We are modern, innovative and fun, and our work reflects that. 'Boring' is a word we are severely allergic to. 

We can craft a solitary social media campaign to reach a specific goal, or you may choose to outsource all your ongoing social media management needs to us. Our team is sought after by businesses seeking dedicated social media specialists without having to hire them full-time. By working with us, you get to access the collective creative skills and expertise of our entire team at rates comparable to hiring one employee for the role. We make your social media our full-time business. 

It's 2022. You know what to do.

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